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Christopher Creek AZ Water Loss Recovery Project

Small communities around the state of Arizona sometimes struggle on limited budgets to effectively manage and deal with leaks and non revenue water.  One such community was Christopher Creek Arizona.  After an unsuccesful attempt at securing a technical assistance grant from WIFA, arrangements were made for CPM to assist the community to try and locate approximately 14 gallons per minute that was being lost through the small system.  After an initially trip to correlate using the Guterman Aquascan 610, the leak was pinpointed ultimately with the Guterman Zone Scan 820 Correlating Loggers.  Six of the Gutermann correlating loggers were strategically placed in the area that the leak was suspected.  After getting a 100% quality score on four different sets of loggers, the leak was finally located within 2 feet of the pinpointed location.  The leak was on a 3" aging galvanized line, approximately 1/2" in diameter, and coming straight out of the bottom of the pipe.  The Leak was not surfacing due to the location and even once the pipe was fully exposed was very difficult without the correlating data to see and identify.  Following the repair Christopher Creek was able to recapture approximately 12 gallons per minute or 6.3 MILLION GALLONS PER YEAR.  Another very succesful leak detection story for another small Arizona Community.  Thanks for trusting CPM with the Challenge!!

Upper Trinity 84in Joint Repairs

After discovering leaks in and around a relatively new structure at the Water Treatment facility in Dallas TX at Upper Trinity Water Authority, a plan was set in place to with local consulting firm to identify the root cause of the nuisance water and make  the necessary repairs.  As part of the total solution CPM was hired to supply and install two 84" internal joint seals from Hydratite to solve the problem, eliminating the leaks.  A project photo can be found on the cover of the January 2017 Issue of Opflow from AWWA.  Details on the project can be found in the January edition at the following link.  Link to Opflow Article with Project Details

Control Valve Maintenance

Throughout the southwest control valves play an important role in controlling the flow of water. Often overlooked, routine maintenance is required every 5-7 years.  Typically this will consist of removing the pilot systems and cleaning and replacing pilot system components.  Once the pilot systems are removed, the covers are removed, insides of the valves cleaned and inspected, rubber goods replaced, and then covers and pilot systems replaced.  The CPM team recently performed the required maintenance at a booster pump site in the City of Phoenix.  Five valves were refurbished and placed back in service ensuring years of continued trouble free operation for the City and its customers.  We are proud to be one of the few companies in the southwest to offer this type of expertise and service to our local and regional clients.  Please let us know if you have similar needs we can support you on.  These types of services can be delivered either directly through CPM or through an existing Job Order Contract or other delivery method.